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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Rune Saga: The Runes

The combination of sign (face value) and sigil (suit) produces the rune; there are a total of 32 runes, each with a number of alternate meanings. The table below is illustrative.


Child of Swords aelsothas Innocent (Masking). A child; an heir; a fool; one who is under constraint; one whose identity is hidden; one who acts naively or without forethought. Event: Someone takes on a new guise or semblance.

Lady of Swords besothas Maiden (Departure). One who is in danger; one who experiences grief or misfortune. Event: A hero leaves his home or proper place.

Man of Swords cadhsothas Warrior (Pursuit). A captain or leader of warriors; an athlete; a contentious person; one who comes to do harm. Event: A villain chases or hunts a hero, or vice versa.

Tree of Swords dinsothas Battle (Struggle). An army; a path strewn with obstacles. Event: Antagonists clash.

Mount of Swords ethsothas Fortress (Difficult Task). A wall, barrier, or mountain. Event: A hero faces or learns of an obstacle or challenge.

Moon of Swords felsothas Cowardice (Branding). An evil spirit or malicious spirit. Event: A hero receives a mark, brand, or scar.

Sun of Swords ghotsothas Valor (Victory). A weapon or instrument of harm. Event: A hero vanquishes a villain with whom he has clashed.

World of Swords hinsothas War (Death). An evil place; a time of grief. Event: Something long awaited comes to pass; old things pass away; an era closes.


Child of Coins aeltaenas Trickster (Trickery). A clever person; one who speaks glibly but without real knowledge. Event: A villain tries to deceive someone.

Lady of Coins bestaenas Queen (Complicity). One who is a joy to others; one who is beloved. Event: Someone is fooled or fails to exercise good judgment.

Man of Coins cadhtaenas King (Escape). One who is contented. Event: Someone evades pursuit.

Tree of Coins dintaenas Trade (Arrival). A family. Event: A hero arrives at a new place.

Mount of Coins ethtaenas Treasure (Receipt of Gift). A secret. Event: A hero receives a helpful gift.

Moon of Coins feltaenas Credulity (Unfounded Claims). A beneficent spirit, a guardian angel. Event: A villain pretends to be a hero, and receives acclaim.

Sun of Coins ghotaenas Justice (Exposure). A crown or royal jewel. Event: Unfounded claims are revealed, or a disguise is penetrated.

World of Coins hintaenas The City (Union). A prosperous community. Event: Two people are joined as partners; or, a child is born.


Child of Stars aeluemas Pilgrim (Absentation). One who travels, as by water. Event: An innocent or beloved elder departs, perhaps unwillingly.

Lady of Stars besluemas Priestess (Assistance). One who blesses or anoints. Event: An elder provides assistance in a time of need.

Man of Stars cadhluemas Hermit (Interdiction). One who suffers or is made to suffer for his principles. Event: An elder forbids a course of action for his own reasons.

Tree of Stars dinluemas Thought (Counteraction). A church, sect, or cult; a faction committed to a particular means or end. Event: A hero learns of a means to redress an act of villainy.

Mount of Stars ethluemas Guidance (Violation). An expanse of water. Event: A hero violates an elder's interdiction (perhaps unknowingly).

Moon of Stars feluemas Wickedness (Villainy). A compulsion, geas, or quest. Event: A villain prospers by a selfish, destructive, or evil act.

Sun of Stars ghotluemas Compassion (Mediation). A ship, conveyance, or vessel. Event: A hero is made aware of an act of villainy.

World of Stars hinluemas Temptation (Punishment). A virtuous people. Event: A vanquished villain gets his just deserts; or, an ironically appropriate event occurs.


Child of Staves aelmaegas Seeker (Reconnaissance). One who desires knowledge. Event: A villain deploys minions against a hero.

Lady of Staves besmaegas Crone (Delivery). One who knows or possesses knowledge. Event: A villain ascertains a hero's weakness.

Man of Staves cadhmaegas Scholar (Testing). One who brings disorder, change, or novel ideas. Event: An elder tests a hero.

Tree of Staves dinmaegas Vision (Recognition). A school or conclave. Event: Someone penetrates a disguise.

Mount of Staves ethmaegas Lore (Solution). A mysterious stranger. Event: A hero learns how to overcome an obstacle.

Moon of Staves felmaegas Foolishness (Lack). A fiery spirit; an inspiration or enthusiasm. Event: Somebody loses a needed or beloved thing.

Sun of Staves ghotmaegas Discovery (Remediation). A scroll, book, or map. Event: A hero finds something that is needed or has been missing.

World of Staves hinmaegas Nature (Transfiguration). A fiery or chaotic place. Event: Someone changes their aspect, or receives a new appearance.

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