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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Rune Saga: The Glyphs

This is where things get a little opaque but hopefully oracular. There are 64 combinations of the 8 signs; these combinations are called glyphs. In the play of the game, the combination of an acting and reacting card or rune create a glyph that helps "resolve" what happens. In point of fact, one player is charged with interpreting the meaning of the glyph. Winning the right to interpret -- "narrative control," if you like -- is the game.

ael ael Ignorance The one who acts sets forth, as on a journey, but the way is dark. His knowledge is insufficient to the task he faces.
ael bes Initiative The one who acts strikes the first blow or makes the first move. His action brings some advantage.
ael cadh Seeking The one who acts searches, as for a treasure. There is little progress.
ael din Approaching The one who acts draws nearer to a goal, but the way is long. Still, the end he seeks is in sight, albeit from afar.
ael eth Refuge The one who acts finds refuge along a perilous way, as shelter from a storm. He is safe in repose.
ael fel Struggle The one who acts is beset; he engages with his foe directly. The advantage lies with the foe.
ael ghot Victory The one who acts advances, and the crown is his. There is great progress and success.
ael hin Strong Defense The one who acts attains a strong position of defense. He has shored up a weak point.

bes ael Folly The one who acts is led astray by his choice. He makes himself vulnerable to the stratagems of his enemies.
bes bes Temptation The one who acts is torn by a fateful choice. He may be led astray, as only a superior man is able to resist.
bes cadh Hidden Depths The one who acts possesses reserves of strength that may now be called upon, or may now be hidden away.
bes din Ambition The one who acts overreaches as his ambition drives him forward.
bes eth Retreat In adversity, the one who acts must withdraw.
bes fel Escape With proper action, he thwarts captors and pursuers.
bes ghot Good Advice The one who acts takes counsel, and gains advantage thereby.
bes hin Power The one who acts gains strength or influence by his action.

cadh ael Windfall The one who acts is granted good fortune serendipitiously.
cadh bes Overcoming By dint of his efforts, the one who acts overcomes an obstacle.
cadh cadh Peril The one who acts is surrounded by dangers. If he lacks virtue, he may be overcome.
cadh din Arrival The one who acts comes to a stopping-place. This place may not be the end, but a leg of his journey is complete.
cadh eth Stasis Action brings the one who acts no advantage; all remains as it was.
cadh fel Poverty The one who acts faces that against which his resources are inadequate. He is constrained, or has been refused.
cadh ghot Generosity The one who acts drinks his fill, as from a well. The willing gift of another is granted unto him.
cadh hin Perseverance The one who acts continues in his course. His efforts are not yet in vain, but neither do they bear much fruit.

din ael Labor The one who acts, by dint of his efforts, earns a small reward.
din bes Self-Reliance The one who acts merits a small advantage by his virtue.
din cadh Avarice The one who acts is bound by material things to his disadvantage.
din din Tree of Life The one who acts encounters a source of great gifts.
din eth Study The one who acts takes pains to remedy a lack of essential knowledge, which is is near.
din fel Progress The one who acts makes small advances in his efforts.
din ghot Keen Senses The one who acts discovers a weak point by his action.
din hin Strength The one who acts, by virtue of his strength, achieves a great success.

eth ael Adversity The one who acts is beset; his position becomes untenable.
eth bes Stalemate There is no advantage in action; all remains as it was.
eth cadh Heartache The one who acts faces a loss.
eth din Respite The one who acts pauses in his action.
eth eth Labyrinth The one who acts is ensnared as in a maze.
eth fel Empty Victory The one who acts finds any gain to be illusory.
eth ghot Sanctuary The one who acts arrives at a place of safety.
eth hin Hidden Perils The one who acts moves past an unseen enemy.

fel ael Restriction The one who acts is fettered; there is difficulty.
fel bes Nightmares The one who acts is beset by fears.
fel cadh Ruin The one who acts is stripped of fortune.
fel din Quick Thinking The one who acts achieves progress and success.
fel eth Rapid Advance The one who acts makes progress in his chosen course.
fel fel Guidance The one who acts finds guidance.
fel ghot Solitude The one who acts walks alone.
fel hin Abundance To him is given great wealth, as a lord his due.

ghot ael Contemplation The one who acts prepares; he is moved to some undertaking.
ghot bes Increase He gains advantage by his action, and his fortunes increase.
ghot cadh Celebration The one who acts celebrates good fortune and success.
ghot din Discontent The one who acts is discomfited; he has reason for dissatisfaction.
ghot eth Mourning The one who acts mourns his loss.
ghot fel Sacrifice The one who acts gives up a precious thing.
ghot ghot Doom The one who acts is subject to a malicious fate.
ghot hin Delirium The one who acts, lacking focus, is led astray, even unto madness.

hin ael Change The one who acts, indecisive, reverses his course.
hin bes Fulfillment The one who acts is satisfied with his acheivement.
hin cadh Abandon The one who acts is not steadfast, but pursues diversions.
hin din Friendship The one who acts is aided by allies; there is progress and success.
hin eth Calling The one who acts is called to love or duty.
hin fel Nurturing The one who acts engages in painstaking preparations.
hin ghot Prudence The one who acts acts prudently, and it is well.
hin hin The World The one who acts is granted a great boon.

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