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Thursday, August 06, 2009

This Just In from Gencon 2009

I met Ryan Macklin at Camp Nerdly in May 2009 and he's a good guy, a great player, and a clever game designer. This e-mail from him came off the rpgpodcasters mailing list:

A Last Minute Request for This Just In From GenCon

Posted by: "Ryan Macklin"

Wed Aug 5, 2009 1:47 pm (PDT)


So, GenCon is a week away! I'm pretty excited, and as many of you
know, I'm doing the almost-live podcast news show called This Just In
From GenCon.

As a favor, I was hoping you guys might post on your blogs or forums
about it. I know some of you have run the promo, for which I'm wicked
grateful, and I'm hoping another bump in the textosphere might help
get the word out about the show -- since its success is measured by
people who are listening during GenCon as much as it is afterwards.

http://thisjustinfr omgencon. com/

Thank you,

- Ryan

Ryan Macklin
Master Plan: The People's Podcast About Game Design

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