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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Ganakagok Home Page

There is now a Ganakagok home page! I will use it to post updates on the game as it moves closer to (re)publication, as well as play aids and other things. There's a set of "jeepforged" rules there, so that you can play Ganakagok in the swinging Scandinavian style if you like. I intend to try those rules out at Camp Nerdly at the end of May; I'll let you know how it goes.  There is some interest in running the game around the council fire pit at dawn, but only some, so I expect that it'll run in the Sunday morning slot--but I intend to play it even if only in some sort of truncated or abbreviated form just to be able to say I've done it.

The older version got a run at Knutepunkt in April. I thought that I didn't have audio of that game, but I just realized that caught some of it on my magic LiveScribe pen, so I may be able to make use of that for Virtual Play, my brother Mel's actual play podcast. The pen uses some sort of proprietary audio software which will make it hard to transfer (I'm thinking of just playing it into my handheld voice recorder; who knows what the sound quality will be like), but on the plus side I can upload the whole thing to the LiveScribe site. More on that as I learn more.

I haven't heard from Dave Petroski lately, but I'll update when he gets in touch. Dave has a lot of real-world responsibilities in his academic day job, and I've thrown a lot of design issues on his plate to solve for me. But he's enthusiastic about having both the book and a new version of the deck ready for GenCon, so I'm optimistic.

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